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Purpose of Church Sports

Church sports activities are designed to help members focus on and accomplish the mission of the church, which is to "invite all to come unto Christ" (D&C 20:59) and "be perfected in Him." (Moroni 10:32) These activities offer many opportunities for fellowshipping, activating, and sharing the gospel with others. When participants demonstrate Christlike behavior and attitudes, physical activities can help them grow spiritually. (Utah Area Sports Manual, introduction)

Church activities should strengthen testimonies and foster personal growth. They also should provide opportunities to apply gospel principles and help participants develop friendships in a wholesome environment. (Church Handbook of Instructions, Bk.2:Sec.10:p.271)

Church sports programs offer opportunities for members to participate in activities where adherence to Church standards and gospel teachings is expected and required. (Utah Area Sports Manual, introduction)

Sports, Church Handbook #2 (section 13.6.21)

Objectives of Church Sports

  • Strengthen and contribute to the unity of families through their participation in sports. Help priesthood quorums and auxiliaries accomplish the mission of the Church.
  • Use sports and other physical activities to help members live and share the gospel through participation, socializing, and fellowshipping.
  • Encourage all participants to adhere to and demonstrate gospel principles and teachings, including a continuing emphasis on good sportsmanship.
  • Provide a variety of competitive sports opportunities that meet members' interests and needs.
  • Plan and schedule appropriate league and tournament play.
  • Call, train, and certify qualified officials.


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